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Originally Posted by fert360 View Post
That is Joe Saverys autograph
AWESOME, that is 100% correct. Great work figuring that out so fast!

I sent the seller an email, this just isn't right. Someone might buy that card without looking too closely just because its BGS graded and they may not notice the auto is all wrong. Even worse that BGS graded it.

I have the same card, the 2007 Bowman Sterling Refractor 109/199 and the one on eBay is #105/199 so only 4 cards between mine and his were made and my auto is 100% right.

Here is mine, #109/199 scan isn't that great but the auto is visible:

All the other ones on eBay are right too. I can't imagine that Topps put the wrong sticker on just 1 card. Sometimes people try to touch up autos, but this is clearly a different guys signature on this card.

This just goes to show you, be CAREFUL even when buying graded cards!
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