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The only thing that really sticks out about my Refractor card (#109/199) is that the ink on the auto is lighter than my regular Bowman Sterling Heyward auto card. It isn't faded or have streaks, its just light compared to my regular card. It looks like Heyward would need a new marker soon in my #109/199 card but honestly the scan isn't that great on that one. I kept it in the magnetic case for the scan because I just scan all my PC cards to keep a bucket with my collection and you can see all the scratches and the card itself is a little blurry.

My base auto is very bold compared to my Refractor auto:
Collecting: Jason Heyward, Kris Bryant, Kyle Schwarber, Andrew McCutchen, and random Prospects and Rookies. I collect certain players more than I collect whole teams.

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