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I've thought about grading my Refractor, but I don't know if the light auto would get a 10. I've always been curious about that. You can't really see what I mean in my scan either, its just a lighter shade of blue.

Now my conclusion about this card on eBay with Joe Saverys auto is one of these:

A) Topps made a mistake and threw a Joe Savery auto sticker on the Heyward card (#105/199) OR

B) The original auto on the card WAS the real Heyward sticker auto and the guy wanted to get it graded but noticed that the auto was too light and fearing a low grade on the auto he slapped a Joe Savery auto sticker on the card. It is possible to pull this off, and "Joe" starting with a "J" could pass off as "Jason". This Joe Savery auto looks pretty similar to they way Heyward signs his stuff now. His signature has changed a good bit since he started signing so much. Maybe the guy got the card graded recently and the signature isn't that far off from Joe Savery!

Here is an example of how Jason Heyward signs his signature now:



The last scan there is another example of scanning my cards in a magnetic case that is scratched up but you can see the auto is very similar to the Joe Savery auto that is on the Heyward eBay card. NOT MUCH OF A DIFFERENCE FROM SAVERY'S AUTO AT ALL!

I hope this guy isn't doing this on purpose, fooling Beckett and trying to fool someone else on eBay for the sake of making money....its a shame. Guess we'll see how he responds to my email calling the auto out as 100% totally wrong and belonging to Joe Savery.

I think the thing I am MOST concerned with about this whole situation is BGS graded this thing and it slipped right past them. Be weary when buying all cards, graded cards are sometimes fake or wrong as well it seems!

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