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Originally Posted by Copeskey45 View Post
Why did you post basically the same statement twice within 3 hours?
I'm researching something. Why would you post on my thread asking such a pointless question? If you have nothing to contribute hush up then.

There is a fake or wrong auto for sale on eBay usually people like to know things like that.

Maybe I'll make the statement again, because it clearly ticks you off bad enough to make you post in my thread. So what, are you sitting there counting how many times I state something? Really? Some people watch paint dry when bored, and keep tabs on how many times people state things. Awesome.

Seriously I am just researching this auto that BGS gave a pretty nice grade to (9.5 card/10 auto) and the auto doesn't match the card at all. My card was made 4 cards after this impostor card that is for sale on eBay right now, and mine has a correct auto sticker.

This community is great because people call out the fakes/frauds and I have blocked a WHOLE LOT of bad eBayers from the people who have had problems on this website. Blowout forums is a great resource. I've made a trade off here for a pretty sweet card and I use this resource as much as I can. This is the first time that I have found a graded card that isn't signed by who the card should've been signed by is all, and I want to get the news out there so that little Bobby Blowoutmember doesn't go wasting over $200 on a card that isn't legit.

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