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Default High dollar, low grade cards now showing up as "COMC reviewed" with grade

COMC appears to be experimenting with a new listing format. Cards that were over $1,000 book value, but in "less than excellent" condition are now being listed as "COMC reviewed".

So far the grades seem to be:

"COMC REVIEWED Less than Excellent"



The book value is no longer the High Book price. A book value no longer appears next to the card, but does show up in a text search. Book values appear to be around 50% of high book for "less than excellent" and around 10% of high book for "fair" and "poor", though they might also be the "good" and "vg-ex" values which appear in the Annual Beckett guides.

Cards matching: comc reviewed -
COMC auto accept is currently set at 35% off.
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