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Default BLOWOUTCARDS Market Report 11/06/12

Here's what you need to know:

2012 Football is on fire. It's been 3 weeks in a row now and as they say "the trend is your friend". 2012 Products are flying on the website. Everything across the board from Topps... Panini... Leaf. It's all moving higher across the board as stores continue to restock. Keep an eye on the following. These products continue to move...

2012 Topps Finest Football
2012 Topps Prime Football
2012 Panini Elite Football
2012 Topps Platinum Football
2012 Panini Prominence Football
2012 Topps Inception Football
2012 Topps 1 HTA Jumbos Football
2012 Panini Momentum Football
2012 Bowman Signatures Football
2012 Panini Rookie and Stars Football
2012 Panini Certified Football
2012 Leaf Autographed Mini Helmet Football

2012 Bowman Chrome BB is still the best selling baseball product. Starting to see movement in 2012 Topps Chrome BB, 2012 Topps triple Threads Baseball and 2012 Topps Finest Baseball as they are starting to dry up in the market.

2011/12 and 2012/13 Panini products are heating up especially those with dual rookie classes. We're also seeing alot of buying in 2012/13 Leaf Basketball products since they are the only products with Damian Lillard Rookies. The 2012/13 Leaf Signature and the upcoming 2012/13 Leaf Ultimate Basketball are selling well. James Harden is starting to drive sales in 2009/10 Bskt. We'll have to give it a few weeks to see if he can keep it up. Products that dealers are chasing:

2012/13 Panini Prestige Basketball
2011/12 Panini Past and Present Basketball
2011/12 Panini Preferred Basketball
2012/13 Leaf Signature Basketball
2010/11 Panini Elite Black Box Basketball

Here's what's coming live this week:

2012 Panini Signature Series Baseball
2012 Rittenhouse James Bond 50th Anniversary Series 2
2012 Pokemon Black & White Boundaries Crossed Booster & Theme
2012 Panini Cooperstown Baseball
2011/12 In The Game Superlative Hockey Volume III
2012/13 Panini Certified Hockey
2012/13 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey
2012 Leaf Ultimate Basketball
2012 Topps Chrome Football
2012 Konami Yugioh Abyss Rising Boosters

The big release is 2012 Topps Chrome Football. Here are a few threads regarding Chrome:

Topps Chrome Is The Standard For Autographed Rookie Cards

A Message From Topps: Topps Chrome Football Is Coming

We're already seeing a ton of Retail breaks and Hobby breaks should start to be posting soon. The Hobby Live date is Friday ....

FOOTBALL BOX BREAKS - Blowout Cards Forums

New Release set for the week of Nov 12th-Nov 16th:
2012 Panini Prime Signature Football
2012 Tristar Hidden Treasures Autographed Football Mini Helmets
2012 Leaf Best of Football
2012 Topps Five Star Baseball
2012 Leaf Autographed Football Jersey Edition

More to come...
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