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Originally Posted by Copeskey45 View Post
You make 2 interesting points about the sticker. Have you tried contacting the seller and ask him what's up with the card? Maybe, and that's a HUGE maybe, he didn't realize it wasn't Heywards auto.

I guess I gotta stop giving the benefit of the doubt to people these days.
I contacted the seller and gave him a heads up. We'll see what happens. I'd be seriously pee'od if I paid $200 for a BGS graded card that wasn't really authentic. The card is pretty much worthless except maybe to an error collector. I have a few Heyward error cards but I wouldn't want a swapped out auto that isn't even his.

Who knows what happened, I just find it curious that I have the card made 4 after his and it is fine other than the light signature. It is a whole different shade of blue compared to my base card.

It is just questionable until the seller explains either way, usually the only 'fake' Heyward auto on eBay is the AFLAC! I studied that card for months before I bought mine, it is strange because they were kept in the Topps Vault without sleeves apparently because the ones with little chips of the marker missing are most likely the real ones due to how they were stored. Little chips stuck to the cards on top of each other and when they peeled the cards apart some flakes were transferred to the top card.

Mine has 2 tiny flakes of the auto missing that happened like this. Also you have to look at the overall signature, some AFLAC cards are horribly fake. I checked them out on eBay once and 4 out of 6 cards for sale were 100% fake. A lot of J-Hey collectors won't even touch that one, but I just educated myself and looked at lots and lots of examples to find what the most common characteristics of the real ones were.

Also I'm sure they have a sheet of stickers and peel them off in a certain order they just don't pick them from wherever. It is mighty odd that the card they slapped a sticker on 4 cards before mine got a wrong sticker, that is a pretty big error to make. BGS made the even bigger error of grading it.

So if a card says "Topps Certified Autograph Issue" then BGS doesn't even look at the auto which is clearly way off and doesn't match anything Heyward ever signed? They just put blind faith in Topps that the auto is the right one? Very questionable.
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