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Originally Posted by calculusdork View Post
On some products, if I've got dupe autos, I will just list them all with the same picture. Never had any complaints. But this is one product where you can NOT do that and get away with it. For shame.
Yeah, I used to do that if I had quantity but people complained a long long time ago and I always use exact photos of what I'm selling. I scrapped the stock photos.

Sometimes when I buy things and they use a stock photo it makes me unhappy. I was picking up a few 2010 Bowman base Heyward autos because I didn't have any base ones and all the sellers sent me different cards than what was shown. One of the cards was even touched up because the auto faded a bit and they did a terrible job at it. It looks like garbage so I pretty much wasted $20,25 bucks. I couldn't see using stock photos on expensive cards either, when people pay real money for something they want to see exactly what they're paying for.
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