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Originally Posted by ericg531 View Post
Seriously man, why the flame? I'm doing all of us Heyward collectors a favor pointing out a false auto that BGS graded as authentic.

I'm not attacking anyone or doing anything wrong. I'm trying to save someone $200. Funny how when a fake Harper or Trout auto hits eBay everyone is on the same side about how dirty the seller is and everyone praises the guy who pointed it out, I don't want praise I just want people to be weary of BGS graded sticker autos because they may be wrong.
And Heyward isn't as hot as he once was so I'm sure no one is going out on a limb and spending $200 on this card. Anyone who does buy this I'm sure knows a little bit about Heyward and his autographs. Just my 2 cents!
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