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Originally Posted by ShadeTree View Post
OHH YES I DO THINK I GOT SCREWED OVER. Whatever guys a seller doesn't send two wrong cards and not only that you think he has a stock pile of Blue Refractor Autos of one of the best items in the release sitting around? Everyone of us knows that a good auto of Nick is in high demand and I'm not buying it was a mistake. I'm easy going man but I don't feel this was a mistake. Not saying the seller is a crook to everyone but I think he rolled the dice, hoping I wouldn't notice. I caught him red handed what does he have to gain on disputing a refund. Again in this instance I don't think a mistake is possible on both cards that were purchased at the same time and the fact he doesn't have any others for sale.
Either way, the seller was rather 'careless' about something that buyers care very much about.
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