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Yes, the 3 pg rotation seems to be doing awesome. Felton is on fire, and Kidd is just ridiculous. I just hope that when Amare is back they have him play off the bench. Keep this rotation going and then have him and jr coming off the bench with the mindset of just putting points on the board. That would be an awesome 1-2 punch for

Amare can come off the bench so melo(hog) ball can be played
yes, because he has been such a simple minded solo playing ball hog so far, right? He hasn't hustled more on the defensive end than ever so far right? He hasn't passed on decent looks for him to pass to other teammates so far right? He hasn't actually made a real effort on the boards consistently so far right?

I agree with Knicker. There's no way possible that you are a knicks fan at all. You are a moron. Keep on hating, i'm done replying to anything you even post. You obviously do not watch the games. He's the most team oriented he's ever been throughout his whole career. He finally gets it that he needs to get everyone involved and not try to put the team on his back and just drop 40 points. he has to put effort in everything. have fun trolling, nobody will be replying
Looking for:
Tom Brady, Carmelo Anthony
Any other patriots starters
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