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Originally Posted by wwechampion619 View Post
before i start typing I am going to say that this deal did not happen on blowout, but the person that i made the trade with on another site is a current member on this site.

okiesouthpaw34 aka Tbillen on pat nesheks trading site made a post offering 50/50s for Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, and Ryan Nugent Hopkins, so i went and ordered 8x10s and pucks for this. about 10 minutes after i told him i ordered the pucks, he tells me not to send the pucks and he will not get them signed (LOW BLOW #1)

He gave me an original date for me to get the items there...they got there the day after thanks to USPS (LOW BLOW #2). well he made another thread taking items for the next week but wouldnt get my items signed for me.

I insisted that he held onto the items instead of sending them back to me in hopes that he could get them signed at a next game.

He then sends me a message when he receives them saying that one of the pics was damaged and it looks like drag marks and i told him that the only way for that to be possible is if he forced the pics out of the hard response from him

Come today, i see he made a thread showing my items signed but since he refuses to answer my messages, i went through a mod there and he told me that since i told him to hold onto the pictures, the mods concluded that i was saying for him to keep the pics for himself and i would not be getting the signed pics after all (LOW BLOW #3). In fact, he wont even send me my 8x10 cases back.

I did not even want to message one of the mods because he had become good friends with okiesouthpaw34 but he was the only one to respond so i believe there is bias there. He said that he talked to the other mods and they all "agreed" that he gets to keep the pictures but I doubt it. The mod I talked to (baseballgenius80 on nesheks site) basically told me i was out of luck and not to message him anymore.

Another reason why I love blowout is that the mods dont take sides

Anyways, I am now out 10 bucks for the pictures, 25 for the pucks (well i still have the pucks but dont need them), 5.50 shipping there, and 2.50 on the sase totaling 43 dollars I am out to this DBAG


Please do not deal with this guy. If you know him in person and can help me out, that would be amazing.
Hard to say without reading exactly what you told him in the bolded/underlined portion above. I'm not sure the guy did anything wrong to be honest. Can't fault him for not taking pucks for the 50/50 if you didn't clear that with him ahead of time.
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