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Originally Posted by izybone View Post
What about the 20 day option?
I really think we could get to 400 guys, but it's a ton of work for the host. Whatever it takes.
in reality, with a reliable host, 20 day can be done. it is 20 business days, so 1 full 4 week month is needed. plus time to pack (1 day), ship (2-3 days), get graded (30 days), be shipped and received (3 days) and pack (1 day) and ship again to the participants (1-2 days).

you're looking @ 40-45 calendar days to get them back, though the price is reduced significantly.

EDIT: you can, in theory, cut the overall time in half with 10 day BGS turnaround

PSS: i would have this posted for approval, but i am waiting on a definite response from Astronix in order to see which one of us will be hosting. i think he would save the group about $200-300 (i spent $225 on shipping the 200 card sub with $10,000 of insurance) because he would not need to ship registered and insured to BGS, he just drops them off @ their location in TX.
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