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Originally Posted by Qwasian View Post
if your talking about sets w/ the rookies & everything, be ready to refund your sets because the top rookies aren't that easy to come by. my opinion is you'd be lucky to finish 1 set out of a case. I had to buy an absolute "TON" of retail to even get close to a set. platinum was the same way, I opened a case and know for a fact I was missing the Rg3 rookie from the set, I didn't even bother to try the set with the case, but cards were definately missing.
Doesn't seem that the top rookie base cards are SPed. I opened 3 rack pack boxes and 6 blasters, and I got 3 each of Luck and RGIII, and they were always after/before the same people (Luck is always after Dwayne Allen, RGIII is after Janoris Jenkins and maybe someone else)

Topps Chrome has never SPed the base cards, and don't see it changing now.
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