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Originally Posted by Qwasian View Post
your results are not the same as mine then...... I definately didn't pull them at that rate, I bought quite a bit more than 3 rack pack boxes and 6 blasters......
There are some rookies that I didn't get any of, didn't get any of Blackmon and some other no name rookie (Patroits guy I think, only got an orange)

My point being, Collation in Retail is rarely as good as hobby, and it is unlikely they SPed base cards.

WHen Topps Update hit, some people thought that the Harper might have been SPed because some people wernt hitting any. Turns out in my 4 cases, I pulled 30 of him, while only getting 25 of others.

We notice how many we pull of those two big guys, but don't notice how many rookies we get of say, Melvin Ingram., because we aren't keeping track. I know there is some base I only got 0-1 of, but happened to get 3 of those guys.
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