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Originally Posted by Ajax1723 View Post
Platinum doesnt have the loyalty that Chrome has though.

I've got 3-4 cases coming, I'm not too worried about the decrease in sales, its not like Football can even hold a candle to baseball anyway. It's the only football release I do all year, and my favorite product so i'll enjoy it even if I break even after my deposit
first week platinum sales on RG3, Luck etc were all higher than chrome as well if that's any indication..... I will be very interested in your and other peoples breaks to see how it ends up.

it's not really a big deal either way, if you win or lose money, just speaking from my personal experience on the topic.

I was just like WOW..... this is nothing like last year......

I bought $400 woth of chrome retail last year, listed it immediately and doubled my money..... I pretty much broke even this time "IF THAT".
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