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Default Tons of Sketches for Sale/Trade

Like the Title says all the sketches here are for Sale/Trade. In order to abide with the rules of the forums here I have posted prices but all prices are OBO so if interested just PM me an offer. As far as trades go below is a small list of items I am looking to trade for...


Mike Locoduck Duron Sketches (pretty much anything)
Fantastic Four Related Sketches (especially Sue)
Venom/Carnage/Antivenom Sketches
Marvel Memorabilia cards
Marvel Autos (Movie, Beginnings...)
Walking Dead Sketches & Memorabilia
Marvel Printing Plates
Carolina Panthers Autos & Patches

On to the stuff Available...

Premier Silver Surver $30

Cristomo Cyclops $25

Dos Santos Hellboy $20

Fernando Gil Martian Manhunter $20

Mark Dos Santos Superman $35

Rich Molinelli War Machine $25

Rose Lumbaio Ironman $30

Jon Racimo Ironman $40

Layron DeJarnette Vision $30

Brian Tillman War Machine

Irma Amio Scarlet Witch $35

Joyce Chin Black Widow $45

Andre Toma She Hulk $25

Adam Cleveland Green Goblin $25

Lee Kohese Thor $20

Marcelo di Chiara Poison Ivy $40

Jake Minor Skrull Wolverine $35

Brian Shearer Daredevil $15

Bill Pulkovski X-23 $25

Brian Shearer Dark Phoenix $25

Kevin Caron Indiana Jones $20

Mars Attacks Sketch by ???

Jon Hughes Magneto $20

I have many more available and will add them as I get time.

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