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Originally Posted by cardshow View Post
this is a sick rainbow i always wanted to do one but it takes alot to get that 1/1 lol
Yeah its always fun but hard to get the 1/1..usually you gotta hop on the products as soon as they come out or they will go in collections...its nice to have a inexpensive player as well though instead of like a Brady Manning Brees Zonacats8 said once the 1/1 comes its relatively easy to get the rest unless you try to do a rainbow like a year later from release date, makes it a little harder..try with Toon im sure you can get one..if not I will race you to it!!

Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post
pretty cool rainbow, and I'm guessing once you get the 1/1 it shouldn't be that expensive of a set compared to most as the next lowest card is /50

yes sir but sometimes you'll find some in not so good condition so you wait around for nicer one...

Thanks for the comments guys...just wanted to share something that should be seen by the community.

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