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Originally Posted by okiesouthpaw34 View Post
He never told me to keep them to get signed for him after the fact. I was told he had no use for them so I kept them. He crammed more than one photo in each damaging the photos I was supposed to receive. He didn't order the photos I requested as my half. The deadline passed because he waited until Thursday to send the photos when I gave him the deadline on Tuesday. I was going to just send the photos back when I was sent the message saying keep the photos because he had no use for them. Anyone else on the face of the earth would have taken that as keep them, because nothing was further stated saying so you can get them signed at a later date. I also having a complete list of rules for doing a50/50 with me and half of them weren't followed. The issue was resolved by 5 moderators and nobody saw an issue. I'm unsure why this has moved to another site when he has no presented the issue on the other site. I'm done with the issue on here and no longer talking about it. The issue was resolved on the website and shouldn't even been brought up here.
I also can have my own opinion and i am sharing my experience with you with all the members on blowout.
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