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Originally Posted by Astronix View Post
The BGS sales rep said we would need 400 cards to qualify for special pricing.

Not sure if we are close to that. For 10 day service we would be at $11 per card + $1 per auto. I will try to get a bold of a manager at BGS and see if we might be Able to discuss a discount anyway. I will advise as soon as I can.
Yea not a very good deal. For the october order we just submitted and got back, it was $10 a card for the 10 day service and we had less than 100 cards total.
I'll be looking to maybe host a 20 day group submission toward the end of the month since i think $8 a card is pretty good. But will probably only take around 100 again since its a lot of trouble to deal with so many cards. (gotta check each card and make sure its correct and on the list and which card belongs to who, insurance for each card, calculating cost for each participant, collecting payments, responding to different concerns, msging back and forth) Can't imagine doing 400 cards at one time.
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