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Originally Posted by auctionjmm View Post
That would be true if the cases were "In Transit" when the storm hit and possibly caught people off guard, but these were not shipped until a week after the storm, meaning somebody had to package them up for UPS to pick up. You'd think someone along the line would notice 250 lbs of soaking wet boxes and stop shipment before it got all the way to the customer.

Story seems fishy to be honest. You tend to hear these types of things when cases go from $750 to $1200 before release even hits.
Unfortunately, what store thought as well. But they were sent a copy of the UPS Claim Form they filled, copy of the email from Topps stating send them back, pictures and other documentation.

Would assume Topps will open the inner boxes and see if the sealed ones are ok and repackage them out.
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