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Originally Posted by crazycards1981 View Post
I think you are right about case busters. Retail is just another item in a long list of fail for case breakers on this product.

Outrageous Chrome price this year.
Free listings flooding Ebay.
Weak NFL sales this year.
So-so draft class.
Friday release - not good for many reasons.
And retail has taken the extra bump in sales price for having your items up early. Griffins and Lucks should have been $15 out the gate on day one. Now they will be well under $10 along with other inserts and color refractors.
Are you serious?

Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin alone make it a great rookie class and then you add in...

Ryan Tannehill
Doug Martin
Trent Richardson
Russell Wilson
Brandon Weeden

It might be the best rookie class card wise in the last decade.
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