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As an appetizer, I did a little research on the known signers for this product...

Player Age Pos Team Resume
David Dahl 18 OF Rockies 1st round pick (10th overall), signed for $2.6M, hit .379/9/57 in 67 games in Rookie League
Joey Gallo 19 3B Rangers 1.5 Round Pick (39th overall), signed for $2.25M, hit combined .272/22/52 in 59 rookie & SS games NOT 1st BC auto
Michael Wacha 21 RP Cardinals 1st round pick (19th overall), signed for $1.9M, has .086 era, 40K's, 4 BB's in 21.0 IP in combined 11 games between rookie, hi A, AA in 2012
Marcus Stroman 21 RP Blue Jays 1st round pick (22nd overall), Signed for $1.8M, has 3-0 record w/ 3.26 era, 23 K's, 9 BB's in 19.1 IP in combined 15 G between SS and AA in 2012
Addison Russell 18 SS Athletics 1st round pick (11th overall), signed for $2.625M, hit combined .369/7/45 in 55 games between rookie, SS, Hi-A in 2012. 48K's in 217 AB's. NOT 1st BC auto
Ty Hensley 19 SP Yankees 1st round (30th), signed for $1.2M, 1-2 with 3.00 era, 14k's, 7 bb's over 12.0 IP in 5 G in rookie league
Courtney Hawkins 19 OF White Sox 1st round (13th), signed for $2.475M, combined .284/8/33 with 56 k's in 229 AB in combined 59 games in rookie, lo-A, and hi-A in 2012
Andrew Heaney 21 SP Marlins 1st round (9th), signed for $2.6M, combined 1-2 w/ 4.33 era, 30k's, 6 BB's, in 27 IP over 6 G between rookie and lo-A in 2012
Stryker Trahan 18 C Diamondbacks 1st round (26th), signed for $1.7M, .281/5/25 with 48 k's in 167 AB, 40 BB's over 49 rookie league games
Luke Sims 18 SP Braves 1st round (21st), signed for $1.65M, combined 2-4 w/ 3.71 era, 39 k's, 13 bb's, over 34 IP in 11 games in rookie league
Chris Stratton 22 SP/RP Giants 1st round (20th), signed for $1.85M, 0-1 w/ 2.76 era, 16 k's, 10 bb's, over 16.1 IP in 8 games, 5 starts in short season 2012
Mitch Haniger 21 OF Brewers 1.5 round (38th), signed for $1.2M, .286/1/8 w/ 13 k's in 49 AB, 7 bb's over 14 games in lo-A in 2012
Kyle Zimmer 21 SP Royals 1st round (5th), signed for $3.0M, combined 3-3 w/ 2.04 era, 42 k's, 8 bb's in 39.2 IP over 9 games between rookie league and lo-A in 2012

Not ranked in any order yet.
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