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I see things a bit differently. Where sellers really get hurt is when everyone gets their cards on the same day and they all hit eBay at once. If retail and hobby both hit on Friday there would be some amazing deals to be had on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night as sellers fight for attention and low ball each other. If anything, early retail helps hobby case breakers. Stores get cleaned out, 1-3 day listings go up, and the retail product is listed and sold by Thursday or Friday just in time for hobby to release. Retail buyers will have already cleaned out their stores so not much re-upping on that front, and there will be more exposure for the hobby product as it starts to hit shops.

I think we forget sometimes that there are many collectors who don't frequent these forums or stalk eBay. They have no clue about early leaks and when to look for product etc. They rely on their card shop to provide them with NEW product, and there will be many new buyers on Friday when they find out that TC is out.

I've got 5 cases coming and I have ZERO concerns about my break.
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