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Default Finally after 11 months of searching Manning mailday

All of these cards i have been looking for.I would find them,but i am not going to pay 5x beckett value.Some i paid a little more,but overall i think i got what i wanted.

The two Ultra cards,people try to sell them for $125+,some drop in the 70's,but i got both under $60The metal for the life of people wanna sell way high,i finally got for $16.You get the idea

The silver diecut seem the hardest card to get at a decent price.People were asking for $250-$899 for it.I finally found one for $63.

So here it isFinally put this set together for a grand total of $213,which i think is a very big steal.Base pop is 25,silver is 13,and the bronze has a pop of 5.So i think i am the only one with the complete set psa 10 in the world?

I collect Peyton Manning and anything i can get for a low price Be sure to ban me on eBay cause I am stupid.Awarded the title Snookie of blowout.Grammer police love me,as I keep them very busy.
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