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Default Legends quick sale?

Just busted a box from the promo, don't collect Bkb, so looking to sell, unless you have Doug Martin, Luck, or RG3 autos or along those lines.

Sue Bird #10 RED ink AU
Calvin Murphy AU
All American Glen Davis AU 043/255
Joe Dumars AU
Dan Issel AU
Select Swatches Brandan Wright 2clr patch

Dan Issel
Taurean Green

Jason Smith
Taurean Green
Glen Rice
Elgin Baylor
Calvin Murphy
Mugsy Bogues
Phil Ford
Dan Issel

Detlef Schrempf
Artis Gilmore
Arron Afflalo
Gabe Pruitt
Sue Bird
Aaron Gray
David Robinson
George Gervin

Shoot me some offers or let me know how I could make out on the bay, please. Thanks for looking.
PC's: Nick Foles, Brock Osweiler, Doug Martin, Bernard Pierce, Kendall Wright, and Shady & Maclin RC's or High-End's.
My bucket is ALWAYS available. Make a lot, and make an offer.
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