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Originally Posted by dd316 View Post
Define "a lot." I can't find any completed listings on Ebay. These may be more rare/popular than you think, and who knows, Cryptozoic cold have added a unique stamp or something to specify that it came from a Series 2 box.
There were some sold on eBay after SDCC in July. Those won't show up in completed listings now as it would be over 3 months.
I'd say several hundred were passed out at the Cryptozoic store at SDCC the day the Yeun and Cohen signed. The people working the store had stacks of the cards that they were passing out. Though you had to be at the store 2 differant times to get both signatures. They weren't signing at the same time. I've still got mine from the signing.
I'm sure Crypto will do something differant to the card. The pic on their site makes the card look like it's got a matted border which the cards from SDCC didn't have. I'm sure there will be something put on the back of the cards to as I thnk the SDCC Cards were blank on the back.

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