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Originally Posted by swowannabe View Post

Will the cards be opened and known before we pick the teams? Or is it you draft one team blindly for the first 9 boxes, then you get a second blind team for the second 9 boxes?

Random ... draft.. open..

Mod will random buyers list 4 times
First 9 Box 1/2 Case will be drafted in order 1-30. (Order determined by Mods random)
Second 9 Box Case will be snake drafted (reverse order) 30-1
So if you have draft pick #1 in first 9 box case you will have draft pick #30 in second 9 Box Case
Draft pick #30 in first 9 Box Case will have draft pick #1 in second 9 Box Case
I believe this is the fairest way to draft break. This way no buyer is stuck with 1 team for all 18 boxes

Break is low cost... fair ... and I ship FAST....GL
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