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Originally Posted by TSJCT View Post
I am working with Tim to resolve a problem with inventory. There are many scenarios that could have taken place. Tim nor his staff have ever done anything but the best for me and i feel comfortable with them even on this situation. Please do not be afraid to send anything into them as this is an isolated incident. I have been with COCM for several years and this is the first hiccup i have incurred. We will get it worked out. Tim is handling this matter in a professional manner and has been in contact with me twice today. COMC is a great place to B/S cards and will continue to be a place to do just that. A growing company runs into problems from time to time but those things will get worked out. Continue to support COMC.
Sorry this happened with your stuff, but what you wrote here is professional and eloquent. It can curb any panic/sky is falling, which seems to be already starting without a majority of the public not having any idea of what the situation is, including myself. I just read tweets/posts without a real knowledge of what exactly happened. I know they mentioned in the past everything is videotaped and they have security 24/7, so it sounds like it is either an employee or maybe in the delivery process.

If it is maybe one bad apple, or a postal carrier, whatever the case will get resolved. I, and others will appreciate this post by you, and I hope Tim and COMC can help you resolve what well as put in safeguards for the future so this won't happen again.
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