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Originally Posted by TSJCT View Post
I am working with Tim to resolve a problem with inventory. There are many scenarios that could have taken place. Tim nor his staff have ever done anything but the best for me and i feel comfortable with them even on this situation. Please do not be afraid to send anything into them as this is an isolated incident. I have been with COCM for several years and this is the first hiccup i have incurred. We will get it worked out. Tim is handling this matter in a professional manner and has been in contact with me twice today. COMC is a great place to B/S cards and will continue to be a place to do just that. A growing company runs into problems from time to time but those things will get worked out. Continue to support COMC.
Well that is a very rationed, level-headed response and pretty much what I expected. Seems like both sides are handling it well...good on you Coby
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