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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Hey, all. I'm Jeremy and I work for COMC. Ususally we don't say much about internal investigations, but I felt it was appropriate to chime in briefly in this case. First, I want to say that this issue is currently our top priority. As fisk-factor75 said, our entire business model is founded on trust; we take concerns like this with the highest seriousness. Steve Hollander our Customer Accounts Manager and longest-tenured employee is working with Jim the head of Processing, and Jen who leads Customer Relations on our investigation.
Second, while we have not been able to completely rule out employee theft as a possibility yet, it does not appear that was the case. We monitor our facility with several redundant systems and we keep meticulous notes on the movement of all items in our care. We will not make the claim that "theft can never happen here", that would be both arrogant and unprovable. We can say that our combination of monitoring practices has almost totally ruled out employee theft in this specific case.
We have been open for over five years and gratefully have never had an instance of employee theft. Every employee has a thorough background screening done by a very reputable firm before being brought on. We do not hire casually, and we hold everyone to high standards of personal integrity. We will continue to investigate this, and I am confident that our team working with the consignor will be able to see it resolved soon.
So does this mean that the batch in question never made it to you guys? I have heard about submissions to Beckett grading being stolen, so I wouldn't be surprised if the package was appropriated before it got to COMC OR the package got sent to the wrong place.

I am glad to hear about the meticulous inventory system. The more we learn about the actually nuts and bolts of COMC card processing, the better we will all feel in the long run.
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