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Originally Posted by TSJCT View Post
The problem has been resolved. Tim was very very professional with his help in this manner. I am very satisfied and look forward to many more years with COMC. We are thinking it has something to do with USPS and the investigation into that has begun. It will take some time to get everything searched out but once and if a conclusion is found i will update. This was NOT a COMC issue after all the investigating we have done. Feel confident in COMC and their staff as i will continue to do the same.
Originally Posted by pierrethomasfan View Post
Agreed. I hope everyone can get things back to normal goodluck and keep us posted

Haha...seriously wtf. Do people just not at all read the thread they are posting in anymore?? This is the 2nd time it happened in like 15 posts.
Mostly gone.
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