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Originally Posted by Gibberish View Post
Well, TBH, you did try to list a coin for 10k and that gives credit to his initial remark

Also, Nicis protecting people, giving notice and implying caution. he isn't trolling.
You also have a nasty habit of attacking questions or concerns, and that can make something that could easily be defused into something that makes you oput to be not on the level
Do as you please, but keep in mind this isn;t in-person and unlike local reputations, online forum reputations can echo a hell of a lot worse on mere speculation
Btw,ty for the price and pics earlier.
Good price, just not worth the hassle for me to make 40.00 on the flip. If you end up with 60 or More Morgans in 1 lot, let me know
You gotta see where Im coming from though. A lot of these guys on here do simply just troll all kinds of threads. ALso, the 10k value on that coin was just there because I had to put a price on it.

NP on the lot, I actually just sold them. Im trying to sell my junk silver to buy .999 bullion.

Take care man.
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