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Great news. I am in the OR and hospitals almost everyday. While I witness elective surgeries there are tons of others going on in the facilities where people are fighting for their lives.

Any surgical procedure is unpredictable and compounded it is on a vital organ making the loved ones stress level that much greater. Every minute past the 4th hour you were frantic in your mind but had to be strong for the rest of your family. Never an easy thing to go through but hopefully your daughter's road to recovery is speedy.

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Hello Everyone. I am back at the Hotel Room with my other two daughters and wanted to provide the update on the day. Surgery was predicted to be 3-4 hours and ran well over 5 1/2 hours. The "Overtime" portion of the surgery presented all kinds of fears in my mind, but thankfully it only took the surgeon longer due to a hole between the two sides of the heart that he did not see on the Echiocardiogram. The Doctors and Staff at John Hopkins are out of this world talented while maintaining an incredible bedside manner.

When we got called to see my Daughter in the Pediatric ICU I was really frightened. I was happy to see that she looked so much better than I had anticipated. After being pale all of her life she has some color. The first few hours in the ICU were frantic because they were trying all types of things to get her vital signs where they needed to be. By 9:00pm everything had improved other than her Hemoglobin which will require a Transfusion if it remains in this range. Her bumps along the way were described as minute versus the average Pediatric Heart Recovery. She is expected to have to stay another 4-6 days.

I have felt very fortunate for all of the people praying for my Daughter. She has been a blessing since before she was born (I won't bore you with this story). Thank you again to everyone for taking the time to extends kind words, prayers, etc.

As far as this being one of my best days ever, you betcha the new lease on life that my daughter has is so exciting for her. She is already looking forward to being able to keep up with her friends.
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