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Originally Posted by coltsnsox07 View Post
Man did I get killed with my superlative today, nothing scan worthy! box 352 and 1103. I'm trying to rmember them, I left them at my LCS for ebay(in a week or so, he's going on vacation) I did get 4 'hand numbered' cards numbered to 9 or 10( but nothing special about them, just plain jerseys or autos), P.Roy Famous Fabrics jersey card 3/9, a gold auto 4/10 of some prospect(I can't remember, Murray?), Lindros jersey 1/40, Lundqvist jersey/40 , Sakic patch/10, Trevor Linden jersey auto. There went $780 of the Gretzky/Lemiuex dual patch auto I sold.....
Sorry to hear that man but what you got from that nice dual auto card is like a holy grail almost ,very tough to beat if not impossible... and its shame there is no gretzky in itg cards.... there is no doubt that getting thoose jackpot cards from ud you can score big amount of cash.
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