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I found it to be very strange that it came right back up for sale. I am not suggesting there was any funny business on the part of Brent from PWCC but it just seemed odd to me to instantly put it back on EBAY.

From looking at the bidding list on the second auction it is nice to see that Ray from Hawaii won it as he is putting together a BGS graded set and I am sure he was very pleased to win it at that price. He has some great cards at this point.

The problem with that card is both centering and size. Many of the Wrestling All Stars from the 82A come straight from the factory short and are not trimmed. In recent months PSA has begun to reject these as Min Size Req. When I got my first reject I was floored but it is what it is. This card does indeed measure short and might not even grade at all. It certainly would have in the past though.

I think this card definately has tremendous corners, surface, and edges but would most likely grade a PSA 9 OC or perhaps a straight 8. There is an outside shot that it would get a 9 with such strong attributes but no chance of a PSA 10 for sure.

It was said earlier in the thread that a PSA 10 could command $5,000 and I think that is true but is especially true for the Hogan. I have long said it would be in that range but after seeing Pop 1's from the 83 set go for $1,000 to $1,500 off EBAY on the private market that number may prove to be conservative.

There is a dealer who has put a lot of time and money into finding these cards and he recently offered me $1,500 for my Dusty Rhodes PSA 10 and said he thinks he would have a buyer in the $10,000 range for the Hogan.

When PSA interviewed me for the article in the SMR I said that I did not think a Hogan PSA 10 would ever surface and up to this point it has not and there is a good chance it never will. That interview took place in April of 2011.

There was also mention of a Ric Flair BGS 9.5 that was on EBAY and that card was horrible with no lower border. That was a PSA 9 OC at best or a straight PSA 7. At this time there are only three PSA 10's of Flair still in the PSA holders as one was crossed to BGS very early in the grading cycle for these and I know for certain that a PSA 10 would bring at least three times the price of a BGS 9.5 easily. They have put so many cards in their high grade holders that do not deserve to be there that it has really killed the prices in many cases of their graded cards and this is across the board and not just in wrestling.
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