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Default Have a boring signature cut you want changed into a nice signature cut card?

As part of my hobby enjoyment I have been taking boring signed notecards, pages and cuts and creating and building my own custom cut signature cards.

I am offering up my services to anyone out there who may be interested in having some cut cards made. You provide the autograph, I do the rest of the work.
The design work is done on approval, so you will know what you are getting before it is made. I can work from scratch, or take your detailed suggestions and attempt to design to your desires.

Cut cards can be made standard card size (3.5x2.5), 3.5x5, 5x7, or 8x10.

Cards are carefully hand built and cut. With signature holes and cards hand sliced using straightedge and exacto knife to ensure best quality edges possible with a hand build project. Archival quality photo spray glue is used for adherance of cut and layers. Build process has refined over the couple dozen builds I have done up to this point.

Image printing is done on a personal Epson photo printer using Epson Premium Matte presentation paper to provide a card like quality. Images can also be printed by local photo developer on photo paper (glossy or matte) if desired for an additional cost.

Card thickness is roughly the thickness of 1.5 standard chrome cards.

Pricing includes design time, build costs, materials and return shipping.
Each card;
2.5x3.5 - $30
3.5x5 or 5x7 - $35
8x10 - $50 (must be printed by photo developer).

Bulk discounts available.

Additionally, for those interested in having the cut cards authenticated and slabbed by PSA or JSABGS, I am willing to ship the items directly to those companies for authentication and slabbing for no additional profit for myself. Ask for details. PSA or JSABGS fees will apply.

Here are actual scans of some actual cards that I have made for myself.

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