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Originally Posted by messier2 View Post

I see that you have sealed packs lined up in 1000ct. this to save space or stop people from searching?

Personally, if I were buying packs, I would be hesitant to buy from those 1000ct. boxes since i know they have been "handled" by someone (you or someone else) in the store. Of course you don't pack search, but the thought will always be there as a buyer.

What I would do is keep it in the hobby boxes, keep them behind the counter, then bring them to the customer when he/she wants to buy some. Of course they won't pack search if you're right in front of them. At least this way we can lessen the concern that some buyers (like me) have when I see packs in a row like that.

Good luck!
I was assuming those were old packs, where you can't really search them, or it's not worth it. I've bought stuff out of boxes like that before.
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