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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Hi, dbroockerd. I work for COMC.
If it is a question about a card our Customer Relations team can often help if you send them the item ID number (this is the 7 digit number listed with each card). Since we don't require that users be over 18 like most sites do, we unfortunately can't allow direct communication between users.
It's not directly about a card he has on the site yet.

Originally Posted by wesnilevirus View Post
I actually like the fact that nobody can communicate with me, keeps things cleaner
Define cleaner, you afraid guys will call you out for crazy prices or what exactly? Just don't get that.

Originally Posted by ernieren View Post
It also works better with no direct contact. You see the card and the cond. no need to contact someone. If you don't like the price you either pass on the card or just wait until the said seller has a sale.
This seems to be a common answer with guys who price stuff crazy high. Otherwise customer relations is important and each seller could make more money through communication. There are times I offer .20 less than the seller wants because that is all I have in my account and if the seller new that they may consider accepting. Just an example.
Selling it all do to massive pay cut at work and personal issues.
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