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Originally Posted by dbroockerd View Post
Yeah, but that is avoidable. The seller has the option to set the acceptance level. No offers under 35% etc. I think contact makes that easier too. At the very least a comment section on an offer. The seller could comment something to guide the buyer in an offer he would accept. I think some sellers set the asking price accordingly, expecting that 50% offer.

As for the underage sellers. Why not have a contact option? If a seller wants no contact then shut it off. If they want contact, turn it on. If they are underage, contact can be automatically off.
You will never have the ability to contact buyers directly. Just like with ebay, buyers and sellers could circumvent the system.

Say I have a card you want to pay $10 for and I wan't $12 - but you send message saying something like you will PayPal gift me $9 if I lower it enough to accept and offer of $1.. or something of that nature. That way I won't have to pay the 20% fee on that transaction when I ask for payment from COMC.

It will never happen.
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