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Originally Posted by dbroockerd View Post
I might remind everyone the original question was does anyone know the seller. Perhaps he is a site member or something. .
Heres some hopefully helpful info.

If you use google "search site" you can search for JOELSHITSHOW on blowout

In this case "joelshitshow" is found in the profile of member name JUGHEAD.
Not listed as specifically as being his comc name but as part of a web addy in his signature.
Might be the same guy and might not,
Either way, JUGHEAD hasnt signed in in 4 and 1/2 years.

Blowout Cards Forums - View Profile: Jughead

And that website is rather bizarre.

So while it may not have accomplished anything in this case,
it is a good way to track down ebay or comc sellers to ask them a question.
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