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Originally Posted by FunDragon View Post
Doing transaction outside of COMC is not exactly same as Ebay because cards for sale are already in COMC's hands.

I second that opinion by "dbroockerd" that COMC should have a way for sellers to comment on offers.
To explain their pricing or counteroffers to buyers who lowball your sales price because they do not know not everyone price to get 50% offers.

I think that will generate more sales.
You cant be serious? What if I were to give a seller this comment.

"I will give you $50 direct PayPal Gift, if you accept my offer of $5 on here... That way you don't get charged the 20% fee and you get the money now"

Now, what just happened here? COMC should get 20% of that payment IF the seller decides to cash out... Now, you are making circumventing the system easier. The money that is lost from this would also need to be made up from somewhere else...
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