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Default So which Michael Jordan Triumvirate Insert card do I have?

Hey guys, it's been awhile since I posted anything here, been dealing with some personal stuff. But, I recently had a chance to acquire this Michael Jordan Triumvirate insert card for $100

Michael Jordan Insert Bonus Card BV $175 | eBay

Now, it was advertised as the regular Michael Jordan Triumvirate insert, and for $100, I thought that was a pretty good price for the base version.

But, when I got in hand, I noticed that is had the refractor effect, which lead me to assume that it may be the Luminescent version, which has an 1:192 odds

But, then I noticed that the top purple portion of the card has a clear acetate finish to it. So could this be the Illuminator version that has a 1:384 odds

Kinda wishful thinking, but this is how Beckett describes these cards:

Randomly inserted in series one retail packs only at one in 384, these cards feature three NBA teammates that can be fused together. These laser cut cards use Illuminator technology to parallel the regular Triumvirate insert set. The cards feature a fully transparent card front compared to the "solid" front base version. Card backs are numbered with a "T" prefix. To ascertain values on individual cards, please refer to the multiplier in the header below, coupled with the value of the base card.

So which one is it? It's really tough to tell with the Triumvirate cards

Here's a scan of the cards:

Thanks for looking! :wink:

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