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Thanks a lot for the comments guys, the card does look really AMAZING in person! This mailday has really been one huge surprise, here I thought I bought the base version, and it turns out to be the rarest card i the set. I couldn't be more happy!

Originally Posted by phdbeckett View Post
Congratulations, you have the Illuminator. Well done. The entire card is not transparent like Beckett suggests, but portions of the card that do not have foil allow the acetate to show light through the card. You can clearly see this in your 3rd picture. Nice!
Yeah, after looking through so many photos of other Michael Jordan Triumvirate cards, I'm starting to believe that this is the Illuminator version, the best example I've seen of the Luminescent version, is this one:

Michael Jordan 1997 98 Stadium Club Triumvirate Luminescent T9B Refractor | eBay

And there are some distinct differences between this card and the one I have. One, the card in that auction doesn't have the clear purple transparent finish like mine does. And there's a huge difference in the back of the card, I mean, the one in the auction looks kinda flat, while mine has a more embossing effect! Very excited right now, that I was able to land this really rare card!

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