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Originally Posted by XL5 View Post
This one? 2012 Bowman Chrome Bryce Harper Black Auto Redemption Card RARE Hit | eBay

I see $142, not $195, which is kind of "too good to be true" for the real deal. But it doesn't matter that much.

Here's the description. Very sneaky but you might have a problem:

The part where it says "codes used" kind of covers it.

OTOH, the condition says "Like New" which means no wear so you might have a shot there.
Sorry my mistake on the price. That's why I emailed and specifically asked if the code was used or redeemed and they said no. So i even emailed them back to confirm and the said they scratched it but otherwise the code was good to redeem from Topps. I forwarded the emails to eBay and we will see. It's just been one month of problems with the seller from no communication to lost in transit, and now this. Again, sorry for misquoting the price.
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