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Originally Posted by jbmets95 View Post
lets keep calm its 4 games
ive seen hot starts before
they look impressive but its gonna go down hill when amare comes back and doesnt realize he should come off bench

lets hope this continues
they start playing a lot of games in a short time period
starting back to back spurs and grizz next week
should be a tough 2 on road
I know it's only four games....but they still look impressive. I like the fact they are making the wins come on the defensive side of the floor.

The amare situation is the one thing that really worries me. Hopefully woodson realizes that he shouldn't disrupt the flow of the rotation and bring amare off the bench at least to start with. maybe the idea will grow on amare if they continue winning that way? Either way, we have a few weeks before that happens. I just think that they look impressive for now.
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