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Posted these before, but these are my favorite. All were TTM.

This was way back when Tiger had literally just turned pro. Most seem to think it’s legit. I’d have PSA check it out, but they cost so much for photos and I plan on hanging onto it anyway.

Got this a while back. Only got 1 shoe, but can’t complain. Also got a pair from Jared Allen – both signed and have purple and yellow paint all over them. I don’t have those scanned in though.

Jared Allen cleats. He did a chat on, and someone asked what his pregame ritual was. He said he doesn't have one, but he always gets a new pair of cleats and gloves. Being the smart ass that I am, I said I bet you got a lot of shoes sitting around....wanna send one to ND? He said send a prepaid box to the VIkings and he would. I did and a week later he did

Tried for 8 years to get this. Had this card signed by one or the other probably 15 times throughout that time and finally got them both on the same one after trying forever.

I’m a big Jano fan. Got a trio of tickets from his 63 yard game, a jersey, multiple photos over the years. These are some of them:

This one was IP, but still sweet!! Also got a jersey and Mini Helmet

Big fan of these. Rookie mini helmet, and a pic

This project took over 2 years. I have one for me, and an identical one for my son

This project took about a year. Had to pay for Kelly but the rest were free.

These were also all TTM back in the day of course:

Bradshaws a ghost, but still love the card

Back in the day Walter would do 1 per person. I got this and a year later tried again. It was returned unsigned saying he already signed for me. RIP

Was happy to get this TTM only so I didn’t have to waste money on him for my HOF PC. Some of his are ghost signed – but they are easy to tell which ones are real and which ones are the ghost. I got lucky on it when he was in Leavenworth prison.

Got this back in the day before he charged for his sig
Need customs done?? Contact Alifaxwa2 !!!!!

My HOF Autograph PC Needs: Charles Bidwill Sr

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