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Originally Posted by coltsnsox07 View Post
Man did I get killed with my superlative today, nothing scan worthy! box 352 and 1103. I'm trying to rmember them, I left them at my LCS for ebay(in a week or so, he's going on vacation) I did get 4 'hand numbered' cards numbered to 9 or 10( but nothing special about them, just plain jerseys or autos), P.Roy Famous Fabrics jersey card 3/9, a gold auto 4/10 of some prospect(I can't remember, Murray?), Lindros jersey 1/40, Lundqvist jersey/40 , Sakic patch/10, Trevor Linden jersey auto. There went $780 of the Gretzky/Lemiuex dual patch auto I sold.....
I can feel the pain from here....especially after having that card and spending it on anything ITG.
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