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Default OK Christmas Plan Better and Smarter this time

Instead of me buying you something and having it shipped to your house,

I'll just buy a gift card and send it to you and you can get whatever you want either in store or on line!!!

Gee that was so easy I don't know why I never thought of that in the first place.

So let's go again, anyone want anything!!!!


Now only doing it for lebron, bird, magic, garnett, jordan, russell, robertson, durant, kobe, dirk, nash, shaq autos

or higher end melo, wade, pierce, love ($100 +) !!! ONLY

For small deals (UNDER $100) and especially low feedback people, i would like you to send first. For larger deals I can use a go between- someone on the board we both agree with. we ship at same time to him, when he receives both, he mails them to us.

Looking for Kobe, lebron, durant, gervin, jordan, russell, bird, magic, big o, nash, dirk, etc.

pm me offers of what you have and what you were ($) wanting for them.

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