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Default Enough is enough @Toppscards...

So this is somewhat off topic here but I recieved a 2012 Brock Lesnar UFC Knockout auto redemption which I redeemed. Fast forward, Lesnar is released from UFC and never signed this card. Topps sent me a Lyoto Machida Auto from 2010 Main Event...$10 card. I sent it back with a letter of dis-satisfaction and three weeks later (Today) I recieved an envelope. Inside was a 2010 Brock Lesner Auto. Also inside was the original letter I sent and Im guessing Topps has either to much free time or they are just plain ignorant. Someone took a highlighter to the letter I sent and wrote Spelled wrong and highlighted the me thats a slap in the face for someone to have the audacity to take the time to spell check a complaint and mail it back after already knowing the consumer was ticked about the 2 yr old replacement.... Guess ill be sending the replacement's Replacement back with another letter.

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